Pnp modern search adding a new managed property, copying past projects field, not working correctly

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Full scenario.


We have many programs within our company. We would like to have an employee search where we can filter on programs and not just departments. I will be using a power automate flow to populate the program field in the sharepoint user profile based on a sharepoint list. (I want people to be able to see their programs when they go to their user profile.)


I created a new profile field Programs with a comma multivalue separator.


I made it a managed property and a crawled property and a mapped it to a refinable string.


I only have one employee profile filled in with values, but the values aren't separated when using the PnP filter web part. They appear on one line.


How can I get each comma separated value to appear on individual lines? What am I missing? I've tried EVERYTHING I can think of.





AFC Portal and GLSS Intranet should appear on separate lines.


Any pointers appreciated!



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