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Hi Everyone, i need help with a solution to a task i need to do.


What I want is basically a list which asks a user to input what equipment they are using for home working and the date and time they would like to return it. 


Is there a way for the list to realise that another user has already chosen a date and time and not allow them to select this/hide the date and times not available. Similar to a calendar, or does anyone else have another suggestion on how to do this?

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@AlexRead2017 I'vejust delivered a desk booking app for my company using a SharePoint list and a Power Apps app as the front end. It prevents a booking slot being double-booked. It was based on April Dunnam's desk booking app at but improved to cope with multiple locations. I guess a similar thing could be used for your requirements. Or you might want to look at Microsoft Bookings which should also be able to do the job.


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Is there a way to make SharePoint check two columns in the list and tell if they are unique and not allow the user to save? I know you can do this with one column, but can i do 2 columns?