PLEASE HELP! Users get access denied to migrated SharePoint site Onprem -> Online

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Hi! I have very serious and urgent problem.

I have migrated a Onprem Server 2010 to SharePoint Online for a customer. Everything went fine, i had to create new pages because this is a management system with visios on the pages. No problems there and they have som document library and one list.


After the migration i checked the rights and gave them new rights to the newly created pages. After a while we noticed that noone except the users with full rights can access any pages of the migrated site.


I have tried everything as I have come up with, I have escalated it to Microsoft with no luck.

Can someone pleas advice?


Things that have been tested:

  • Give users read, edit, with no luck, only when I apply full rights they can access the pages.
  • Request accesspermissions from users poit of view, accepted it from admin requests. Cleared cache, access the page from email and so on, nothing works.
  • Restored user groups.
  • Break inheritance, I hope I have done this on all pages, document librarys, lists and so on. Waited 12-24 hours before applying new rights
  • Break inheritance on masterpage, applied new rights, nothing works. 
  • Removed all user groups except admin, what happens if I remove admins aswell, can I apply adminrights again or is the site lost?
  • Used Sharepoint designer to copy page to another site, doesnt work.
  • powershellscripts 
  • There are no sync between Active directory and M365.
  • The migration tool that has been used is Microsoft Sharepoint migration tool

I´m clueless, please advise me, really dont want to start everything over again!


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