Please help me fix the SharePoint integration within Dynamics

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Dear all,


My main issue: my team can't access or upload files to SharePoint in Dynamics.

(I, as a system customizer, am able to access SP from D365, my team can only access it directly on SP)


Some of the experts have all failed to provide me with solutions. I have checked all the security permissions on both SP and D365. But my teammates just simply can't access SP from D365.


Is it possible because of the following issue:

The missing of the root site on the site collection. It is important to have the site under the root path. It could be an empty site. (someone who experienced the same question told me this. I am not sure what it means exactly)


Our targeted SharePoint site is a "subsite"(not a library) under the main site.


I can access/upload files to SP from D365, but my teammates just simply can't.


Looking for my saver! Thanks!!


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