Playback in Browser and in Office IOS app for videos stored in SharePoint Library




We are heavy O365 video users and due to two significant outages last year we are now moving to a new approach using SharePoint Document Libraries. We would ideally have liked to have used Stream but the APIs are still not available which rules this option out.


We are experiencing issues with playback and some videos will not playback via the browser or through the Office App using SharePoint Site option. . For the most part our videos are in MP4, MPEG and AVI format. Are there limitations around what formats can playback within a browser and within the IOS Office app. 


Within the app we cannot see any of  the videos within our video libraries.  


I have seen this article - 


Does this also apply to SharePoint Document Libraries.  

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@Alireza Rahimifarid - thanks for your help with this. We are migrating our content from Office 365 video to Azure and SharePoint Document Libraries. In testing our new processes we are finding that only mp4 files are playing back within the browser. 


Our mpeg and avi files do not play back and have to be downloaded. I'll raise a call and discuss with support. @Aidan Garnish @Aidan Garnish 

@Craig Stanley 


When I click to playback a video I get a silverlight message. Is this the expected result? 

Our MPG and AVI videos play back correctly in a browser within Yammer but do not playback within a normal SharePoint page or within Teams (client or browser) or within Azure Media Services.   We also cannot play video back through the new Office App or the SharePoint App.  


Our experience of O365 Video, with two major outages last year, the lack of a promised API path to Stream and current options in SharePoint Document libraries highlight some real shortcomings within the O365 platform.  What options exist for playback of video held within O365 on a mobile device? 


I cannot see an easy solution to this so we have set up a watch folder and we plan to convert all videos to MP4 using Adobe Media Encoder. As we are generating 50 to 100 videos a day, this is a manageable workaround.