planning a relaunch of Sharepoint - guidance requested

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I'm tasked with determining the feasibility of , and, planning practical approach to relaunching Sharepoint for the organization. It was thoughtlessly implemented when Office365 was rolled out a year ago, and, before too many users find it and start to use it , I'd like to start fresh and do it thoughtfully so it meets our needs.


there are just a couple of sharepoint sites created by only one or two users and it's not been embraced company wide. I figure now is the next best time to address this rather than later.


I'm guessing it starts with getting any existing content exported to a neutral location, as I'm sure it can't simply be turned off without making a big mess.


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@Amy_Sutryn Sorry, but what's your question?


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@RobElliott  My question is "what guidance would you offer in planning this relaunch?"

is it just, move the existing content, and reset all ?

or is there something special to do to unwind the existing sites.




@Amy_Sutryn well I think the first thing is to work out what your site(s) is for. Is it an intranet? Is it a document repository? Or a combination of both? Approach your business and find out what data/information/content they want on the SharePoint site. You need to work out WHY people will go to your site and make sure they can find the information they want.


Los Gallardos
Intranet, SharePoint and Power Platform Manager (and classic 1967 Morris Traveller driver)


Hi Rob,

yes, I understand about identifying what we need.

that's not my question.


I'm interested in knowing what steps to take or things to consider when I go to  unwind what we already started so that we can start over and configure the system correctly for what we need.


hope that helps you help me!




I should say, you should use a migration tool for migration of the content. You should save the existng content on a records management site.

Hi @Amy_Sutryn - With any luck, the SharePoint sites that have been created are modern Team sites and live under /teams folder of your SharePoint Online and only have a limited number of users who can see them, rather than the whole organisation.
If you want to use SharePoint for your curated, authoritative content I would suggest setting up modern Communication sites that will sit under /sites , with a Communication site at the 'root' of your SharePoint online to act as the 'home' site, with your whole organisation given permission to view these site collections.

If you do this you can use the /teams  and /sites address locations to differentiate between your official, all organisation information and other, less official SharePoint site collections.
A good place to start to find out about setting things up can be found in the Microsoft Docs article The intelligent intranet overview.