Plan document deliverables in SharePoint library

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Hello Friends,


I have been trying to figure out for a while now how to plan documents to be delivered in the SharePoint library. Manly I need placeholders for a planned scope of document deliverables. I need placeholders to fulfil project required documents to be delivered. Placeholders need to have specified metadata, status, owners assigned, due dates, reviews, etc.

Document sets seem to be quite problematic if we are talking about tens of thousands documents that need to be delivered and/or above 50MB.

Ideally a list would serve a purpose for managing metadata but attaching documents does not have version history or working on the same file by multiple files and it's hard to push it through the review workflow or other pdf operations on the server side.

Documents need to go through the multistep review workflow, need to be assigned to owners and usable with pdf online viewer.

Do you have any ideas how the documents can be planned for the delivery in the library if all required documents that need to be delivered are known from the beginning and required for reporting?


[this question is not specific to SP on premise/online/hybrid]

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