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Hello everyone,


as asked on twitter I like to try my luck in the techcommunity. I need a nudge into the right direction.


I like to create a SharePoint site for a subsidiary and pin this site to the AppLauncher with a security Group, so that only people from the subsidiary can see this application in their AppLauncher in O365 Portal..... I hope you get it with this is a screenshot that might explain it a little bit more detailed.





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@Andre Radtke 


Hi Andre,


Hope you`re an tenant admin of Office 365,Please see this video which will give you a better understanding


Hey @O365Developer ,


thank you for your reply. Sadly I have to confirm that the youtube video is not valid any longer and additionally not that what I like to achieve.


What I like to to is to pin an Icon (with a link to a sharePoint site) to the App Launcher that is security trimmed by an Azure Security Group. Something like the following:


a.) Create an APP in Azure that simply redirects to a sharepoint online page

b.) put a security group on that new app so that users in that group can see and use the app

c.) put the APP to the App launcher for those people that are in the security group


I think it is relatively simple and straight forward, but I didn´t find a way to do that....


Best regards


@Andre Radtke 


I`ve found this link as well,however that`s not useful though as you cant control security around it


I think if you can access Azure AD ,under App registrations you need to add your app,However I`m doubtful that you can do for a SPO site like that.

Its useful for a custom .Net Application in that manner.