Perpetual SharePoint Server Versions No Longer Available

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Can anyone confirm or deny this quote from the following blog...


If a subscription model is not where an organization wants to go just yet, one option is to purchase a SharePoint Server 2019 license, which will be supported until 2026 (Mainstream support until Jan. 9, 2024; Extended support until July 14, 2026). However, that must be done prior to the release of SharePoint Server SE, as once it is released, perpetual versions will no longer be available. The SPSE is anticipated to be released later in 2021, but no firm date has been set as of mid-September.

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Not sure what the question is, but I can say that SPSE is the last SharePoint version Microsoft has released and it's the last one that will continue to be updated. Previous versions will be updated until they reach their end of support lifecycle
Thanks Juan, I think it's saying, if a new customer went to Microsoft today and said I would like to install SharePoint Server 2016, can I have a perpetual license?

Will Microsoft say - no, for new installs we only sell SE with a subscription license.