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Hi everybody,

i hope that someone of you had an idea why i see the option "Restricted View" in the Permissons on same Pages and on other Pages i don't have it. It makes no different if it is a TeamSite or a Communication site. 

See also the screenshot.



I forget something when i check the Permission with Powershell get-pnproledefinition the restricted view is set to Hidden = True. Maybe someone know how to change this to true. Sie also screenshot:


PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-PnPRoleDefinition

Name                                   RoleTypeKind                        Hidden Order
----                                       ------------                             ------ -----
Full Control                          Administrator                         False 1
Design                                 WebDesigner                          False 32
Edit                                      Editor                                      False 48
Contribute                           Contributor                             False 64
Read                                    Reader                                     False 128
Restricted View                   RestrictedReader                     True 144
Limited Access                   Guest                                        True 160


Thanks for help


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You can use the "Restricted Read" it also do the same job

to enable it

- Site Settings

- Site Collection Features

- SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure (Active) it takes about 5-10 minutes to be activated