permissions for "add columns" metadata



I am trying to understand how to be able to give people permissions so they are able to use the metadata feature.

I am the owner of a company/location site on spo, so I can see it all the time.

Now I have created a document library, and under that a folder, that I want one employee to be able to create metadata under. I don't really want them to have the ability on the whole site, and preferably not on the doc. library the folder is in. just the folder

But they do not see the option, unless I give owner rights on the whole site.

What am I missing here, and can't find the answer to after spending too much time looking.



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To create and update columns people have to have Edit rights on the library. There isn't a concept of metadata for just one folder in a library.
As Colleen said, you need edit rights to edit lists and you cannot do folder level permissions on metadata as it's tied to the library. You can give edit role under the document library permissions to the users and it will contain them to just that library, you do not need to give owner permission at the site level.