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I am trying to create a site where each page on the site can only be accessed by who I allow. 


For example: Home page- Only admins can access,

Marketing page- admins and marketing team can access,

logistics page- logistics team and admins can access. 


Is this a possibility? If not I would love to hear any work around tips or ideas! 


Thank you!! 

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@SusieGallagher it would be a very bad idea to have the homepage of your site only accessible by admins. Other pages maybe but not the homepage.


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I see what you're saying but I do need something in that kind of structure. Where the top level can see everything but the lower levels can only see their content.  Any ideas would be welcome! 



If you want to target a certain content to specific set of people, then consider using the audience targeting.

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@SusieGallagher You can break permissions inheritance at site pages level and set item level permissions for site pages in your SharePoint site. It should help you with your requirements.


Check below links for more information: 

  1. Customize permissions for a SharePoint list or library 
  2. Granting unique permissions to a page 

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This depends on the content on the pages and whether the content is static or dynamic.

If it's static content, like text, then setting permissions is one and done, you should be fine. But if you are uploading a picture or document that needs to be secured - it's an additional step to secure each item or file. Item level permissions can get messy fast.

A better setup for dynamic content: use 3 site collections: Home, Marketing, Logistics. Make the home page a hub site and connect the other sites to Home. You can roll up news and events if needed. Depending on your requirements, you may still need to customize permissions a little, but it will be GREATLY simplified.