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I need this configuration; I created a subsite and inside this a list: with this list, I create every time a document library that is a project inside my company; every document library has two folders, one for technician documentation, the other for sales docs.

I need to have two distinct types of permission group for the folders: the technician can see theier folders, the sales can have access to both folders.

I used power automate to try to make some automation on it; first, I create 2 security groups under AAD and make it visible under my subsite that is something like ; then, I broke the inheritance with the parent and give the owner of the subsite to the account that also run the flow; every time I create a document library, I assign the 2 groups on that library and then assign to technician folder the security technician group and the sales group while assign the sales group alone to the sales folder.

All works, but when, inside a folder, I try to create a rule to send an email to a user when a file is created (with the menù inside the folder, Automate->Rules->Manage rules->Create a rule) I obtain the error

We couldn't create your rule; please try again.


I found this support document Create a rule to automate a list or library - Microsoft Support where there is clear that the user must have edit permission, an my users inside the security groups have those permissions?


Where am I wrong?


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Built-in Rules won't get this granular. Use Power Automate again - for the Trigger 'when a file is created' you'll be able to specify the folder and then add your 'send an email v2' step.

Hello @Kelly_Edinger 

thanks for your reply. I thought to do with Power Automate and use that trigger but while with the built-in rules are simple to do, if I use the trigger in Power Automate I have to create a flow for every project I have, because at this time there is no support to pass a variable inside the trigger and it expects the exact document library.