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My team wants to use the "People" webpart in their intranet. We've got it all figured out, but a question has come up I cannot answer and I hope someone here can.


When you click on a name in the People webpart, it, of course, brings up more information on the person. Scrolling down in this pop-up, there is a section called "Files" labeled as showing "Recent Files and Email Attachments from [person]s name]"


After some testing, I've determined this file list is not limited to files this person and I have shared.


Can anyone tell me how it is decided what files are shown here? And who can see what? The team is concerned folks could be seeing file names and thumbnails of files they shouldn't be seeing.


Also, if here is an easy way to turn this off I'd appreciate if someone could tell me.


Thanks all.

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Hi @Alpine_Miller ,


I can tell you that those links to the files as well as everything else in SharePoint will be security trimmed so if the user hovering over the person doesn't have access then they won't see the link. 


There isn't an easy way to turn this off. This functionality may be part of Delve but I haven't found anything to confirm that. Turning off Microsoft Graph turns off Delve but its not recommended.


Other option is to write your own People webpart but bit of complicated option.