People webpart - document tabs issue


Hi all, I've a question about the WP in subject.

Is there a way to hide documents from the dedicated "Files" tab?


I've already disabled this feature in Delve,


but other users are still able to see my docs in this webpart, while in Delve are correctly hidden.

Is there any workaround?

Thanks, bye


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I think you are talking about the Office 365 contact card, right? Adding here @Mark Kashman @Chris McNulty

No no, i'm talking about People webpart in modern communication sites.



No ideas from anybody?

This feature shows document you have access to that are shared by the user you're viewing. You can see an explanation of it in another thread reply from @stefan

It is not wired into the Delve opt in setting.

I am looking for help with the same issue@John Sanders 

I work in health care and this feature is publishing confidential information. I am trying to find a way to stop showing files from users when we use the people webpart feature.