People profile webpart is removing the colour from icon

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I've been using this handy webpart for ages. It used to be that when you added a user to the 'People' webpart it displayed their name and a nice bright coloured icon (unless a user added their own profile pic to their O365 account - in which case it used that). 

Recently I have noticed that the user account icons are grey. When you add a user - the icons do appear coloured momentarily and then they all switch to grey. It is making the page look awfully dull!
Any chance we could have the colour back! 

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Talked to MS Support. This change was made in August. They say there is a way to manage this in On Prem but not SPO. How frustrating. Especially when I look at my users profiles in Azure AD they all have nice coloured icons but this is no longer syncing across to SPO.