People Profile Not Showing in List Web Part on Modern Page

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We are using a list web part and using the Person or Group Column to display employee information when their name is moused over. The information displays just fine on the list itself, but when we add the list to a site page through the list web part, nothing happens when you mouse over the name in the person or group column. Is there anyway to make this work, or is this not part of the functionality of the list web part? We are using modern pages on SharePoint Online.

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Hi @Deleted,


I've had the same experience and believe it is a limitation of the web part. I could not find anything that states it outright but when you look at the List web part support page it does outline what it can do:


Users can view, filter, sort, and group the list, or go to the list page by clicking See all. Additionally, formatted columns, nested groups, and attention view can be displayed in the web part.

I hope this helps.



This is a super frustrating limitation. According to this uservoice post, "the modern doclib and list webpart having full fidelity views, matching the same thing you’d see in the full doclib or list page". However, this is clearly not the case (over a year after that comment was made).


Unfortunately, since the request has been marked as "BOOM! IT'S DONE", comments are closed. So, I put in a support ticket. Chances are, it'll come back as "not yet supported", which directly contradicts the previous statement. I think there are a lot of good things in the Modern experience, but it's these kinds of details that just make it feel "unfinished".