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I have a column in an MS List which is of people/group type. I have it set to accept multiple people and it works fine.


Is there any config i can do, so to the column so that when people are tagged they receive an email notification?



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There are two approaches:


Approach 1


  • You can create rules two send notification using following steps
    • Click on Automate -> Create Rules -> When Column Changes
    • kalpeshvaghela_0-1682601427522.png


    • Click on When Column Changes and do following configuration (In below screen shot "Users" is my multi allow user column)
    • kalpeshvaghela_1-1682601510185.pngkalpeshvaghela_2-1682601531098.png
  • This approach does have following limitation
    • It will send notification to every users added in fields whenever you change something in your user field (either adding user or removing user)
    • We can't have control in notification content here


Approach 2


  • you can use power automate flow using "When item is created or modified" trigger & check if User field changed or not based on getting previous version of item and then you can send notification to user


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Thank you I think to achieve what I want I need to use powerautomate