People field in a list with some non-Active Directory people

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I am making a SharePoint list roster that lists everyone by individual, then all the memberships (different committees and groups) and membership types (lead, alternate, etc) that person has.


I am hoping to use the People field for data integrity and to avoid hand entering all contact info. The problem is, there are a handful of out-of-org people that are not in Active Directory. I can't figure out a good way to deal with those non-AD people and still be able to use the smart People field for everyone else. 


Any ideas? I was trying to think through using a lookup list somehow, or putting the non-AD ones in a different field, but the first doesn't really work and the second is messy. Or possible some sort of workflow solution I'm not thinking of? Any ideas welcome!

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Hello @jwatters 


maybe with Power Apps, use a people field to choose the people from AD and a field to type in non-ad user and then write both in one text field.


Good luck.


Best, Dave