PDF links do not work in Sharepoint online

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Hi. We have several PDFs in a document library in SharePoint and many of these PDFs, on the second page, have a table of contents with links to other pages within the same document (like an interactive index).

These links work only when you choose Open -> Open in browser, or when downloaded and opened in any reader such as Acrobat. In SharePoint, the links don´t work when opening the file directly from the online application. The linked areas are showing up within a yellow box when you scroll over them; but when you click on them, nothing happens Can you advise me how to fix this?

Note: The documents were created in Adobe Indesign and exported as interactive PDF. All the links work fine when the document is opened in Acrobat.

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I too am having this exact issue with links generated out of Adobe InDesign. My TOCs work, but anything that I have manually created for a link using InDesign does not when uploaded to SharePoint. Very frustrating, because my PDF works perfectly when viewed in Acrobat. I also have the same issue when the PDF is stored in Google Drive. I see that nobody has provided any kind of resolution. Maybe if more people will post here that they have the same problem, Microsoft will respond? @LaurenGuerra1992