PDF information being blanked in preview

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An Issue has been reported to me by one of our users that pdf's they are trying to access in sharepoint are being blanked in the preview of them in that all the pertinent information is being removed from them and they are being left with what looks to be a blank template.  The actual file is unchanged as if the users select to open the file in the browser they will see the document with all of the information untouched, however i am at a loss to explain why the preview of the pdf is behaving this way.


I have tested this on microsoft edge, google chrome and firefox.


See below for examples:
Blanked file shown on the preview

johnsoldev_0-1627461756868.pngCensored version of the actual file with information in the appropriate fields



Does anyone have any idea about why this might be occuring?

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I have been having the same issue since 7/22/21.

I finally opened a ticket with MSFT tech support on 7/28/21.

No resolution yet.


Any resolution to this? I have a fillable PDF that won't render filled-in content in documentcloud.adobe.com but can be seen if opened in browser.