PDF hyperlinks in SharePoint Don't Work

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I can't find an answer to this anywhere.  Hope you can help...


I have a PDF created from Visio that contains hyperlinks to other PDF documents created in Visio.  I do all the hyperlinks in Visio.  The links are all "local" (everything is in the same folder). 


On my personal computer, all of these links work perfectly, both within Vision and all the PDFs.  The main diagram has 50 hyperlinks and all of them connect properly to the sub-diagrams.  However, when I transfer all of these files to a single folder on SharePoint, the hyperlinks do not work.


I don't know why this is happening and can't find an answer anywhere.  This is a giant global process repository for a major international company and we cannot post the original Visio source files...they have to be unchangeable, hence the use of PDFs.  So...


What's the trick to getting these hyperlinks to work on SharePoint???


Thanks for the help...

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If I create all the PDFs with the links (local file) on my own computer and then copy the PDF docs to the company's SharePoint folder, none of the links work.  However...


I copied the Visio source files to SharePoint, created the sub-maps' PDFs on SharePoint and then opened the main map.  From there, I created the hyperlinks to the sub-maps...local file...and saved the main map as a PDF.  Deleted all the Visio source maps...left with just the PDFs.


Opened the main map and tried the links...THEY ALL WORK!!!  So...


Could it be that when you save a hyperlink as a "local file", Visio actually saves the local URL invisibly and transfers that to the PDF.  That would explain why the transferred PDFs do not work but the PDFs actually created on SharePoint using "local file" actually work?



@Chico Marx 


I had similar problems trying to upload directly from a visio exported to an adobe pdf

Found that uploading a visio document to sharepoint then opening it within the browser app allows you to download or save a pdf with all the links retained.