PDF files will not move as show as checked out

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I am attempting to move multiple libraries that have many files and many, many subfolders.  I only choose a few folders at a time > Move To > destination.  Most of the time, some folders and all of their subfolders down to the single or few pdf files that won't move, remain.  The Move To doesn't say they didn't move.  After some trial and error, the files didn't move because they are somehow showing as "checked out" even though our library settings do not enforce checkouts.  I'm assuming this has something to do with the Adobe bugs since it's only pdfs.


The only way I could get the files to move is to click on 3 dots > More > Discard checkout then manually move each individual pdf to their destination.  This can be 4-5 subfolders so it takes a very long time when there are many that didn't move.


I have more libraries to move and do not want to keep doing this.  I went to the library settings > manage files which have no checked in version and there are no files listed, even though there are many still there that haven't moved and are defo showing as checked out.


Support was no help because they just told me to go to the same library setting I was already at and said I had to manually discard and move, which is not helpful.


The next library I'm going to tackle is mostly pdfs and would love to just move all and it move them all.  


If the files are in fact checked out because I can cancel the checkout, how to I discard an entire library?  Can powershell do this?

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