Pages display wrong contents including wrong list views unless refreshed Modern Communication site

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Is anyone else experiencing this MAJOR problem?


We have at least three sites with similar problems: a page displays incorrectly, but will display correctly if/when the browser is refreshed.


We've had a ticket open with MS since October 8, 2019 but we are no closer to a solution. My users are not seeing the right information!!! How can this possibly be acceptable? Are we the only tenant experiencing this? (You may want to take a look at some of your pages that you think are working fine.)


Example 1 - wrong webparts displayed

Switching from Page 1 to Page 2 using buttons on Page 1 for navigation.

Page 2 displays the correct header and correct documents in the body of the page, but it displays the buttons from Page 1. Refresh the browser and all is well. Using menu navigation does not cause the problem. And it does not occur between all pages. In this example, it only occurs between Pages 1, 2 and 3. Navigating back and forth between Page 1 and Pages 4 and 5 does not cause the problem.


Example 2  - wrong list view displayed (a different site collection)

Page 1 shows View A from List A.

Page 2 shows View B from List A.

Start at Page 1. Switch to Page 2 via menu navigation or buttons. Page 2 displays correct header image, but displays View A instead of View B. It says that it's displaying View B, but it isn't. Refresh the browser and all is fine. Navigate back to Page 1 from Page 2 and the problem occurs again.


This scenario is actually occurring on two different sites collections. Different from the SC in Example 1.



  • This was not a problem until approximately beginning of October 2019 - that's when we first discovered the problem on pages that had previously been working fine.
  • Happens on multiple browsers.
  • Happens for multiple users.
  • Happens in office and when connected remotely via VPN.
  • Three different site collections:
    • one is a Modern communication site and it is a hub site.
    • one is a Modern communication site. It is not linked to the hub site.
    • one is a subsite of a (different) Modern communication site. Therefore, it is a Team site. It is linked to the hub site.

Any help is appreciated.

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Well, that was a long time ago! I think we finally resolved it by using a different URL for the lists that were being displayed on the site pages...?


Try using what you see in the browser's URL 

instead of the name of the view itself By Business Unit.aspx


Or vice versa.

I believe we ultimately changed the design of the pages so that the users couldn't flip back and forth between them.

Sorry that I can't remember any more than that.



You are right. View selector seems to be doing something strange when I flip views. In my case, view shows data if I clear browser cache or sometimes if I close browser.

Thanks for replying.