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Hi all, this is probably a rookie question. I want to create pages in Sharepoints (communications site) without a headline. I've tried two ways to achieve this:


- If I create a new page, it will invariably have a headline that cannot be removed.

- If I make a copy of the homepage, it does not have a headline, yay! But then the <head> info will always be "Homepage" and I don't know how to change that.


Can anyone think of a solution?



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Workaround suggested by @Susan Hanley was working as expected previously but not anymore.


So In your case, you need to change the Title property of site page.

  1. Go to Site pages
  2. Select page & click on "Properties" from command bar (or "Open the details pane")
  3. Change "Title" property of page & make sure it is saved properly
  4. It should now reflect on page title as well

More details at: SharePoint Online: Create a blank page without header 

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