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Struggling to insert the value acceptable to the Page Viewer web part Link property. It's a PDF in Site Assets doc lib, and that PDF may be switched in and out or otherwise updated and overwritten by drags and drops and other things.


The instructions say there is a Browse function that can be "select"ed, but I don't see it in the Page Viewer property panel where Link is. I prefer to use this rather than a Script Editor web part, because users not advanced who may maintain it and change documents don't want to struggle inserting iframe elements and understanding what UniqueId attributes are and how to get them and maintain them. I am creating an app for "updating" these snippets, but this app may break, and they are not advanced users. I want them to manipulate the web part with minimal understanding and effort

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@Steve_Penner Which version of SharePoint are you using?


If you are using SharePoint online modern experience, you can use the File and Media web part and provide file URL in this format: 




Use this URL in the web part. Next time when you edit the file locally on your system, you can upload the file with same name and replace it in your document library so that it will work without any issue.


You can get the URL for your document from details pane like this: 

ganeshsanap_0-1689156013795.pngFor details steps, check my answer at: How can I show a sub folder from another SharePoint site? 

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