Page Title Area/Banner blurry/pixelated/distorted

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When you first land on a page the banner image is blurry/pixelated/distorted. If you refresh the page in your browser the image is clear again. This is the same across all browsers and even appears to happen when you create a new page:


This occurs with all image types including the ones from Stock images.


First landing on page (using image from Stock images):


After doing a refresh on the page:


Does anyone know how to solve this issue or ran into it before?

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@DustinBryant — I've been noticing that too in the last week. Even after I force the high-res image to load by refreshing, the blurry one will appear again the next time I open the page. This looks bad and I'd love to get a solution.

Same issue here. Is this behavior dependent on image size? (I haven't tested but am wondering if anyone knows.)

I have the same issue and have reported it here: As you can see, there seems to be a particular piece of HTML in the page that changes after reloading the site. On first load, the photo library always serves a thumbnail. I hope we can get a fix as it’s quite annoying and makes the high res stock photos worthless.

I was advised on the other forum to report this through the Office 365 admin center since they couldn’t reproduce the bug. I’m not an admin myself and will not bother our IT department with this, but if anyone wants to have a go...