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I am creating page templates for our organisation and when I change the thumbnail of the page template this is not reflected when I create a page from the template. The newly created page (built from the template), does not have the thumbnail that I set in the Template and instead auto selects one.


Interestingly, other custom columns that I populated in the template are carried through when creating a new page.


Why is this happening? The template thumbnail should surely set the thumbnail when creating a page from said template?



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I'm also having this issue. Is this a bug with the templates or is this just how it works? If the latter, allowing users to add a thumbnail image when creating a template seems redundant.

I think it must be a bug!? And a very frustrating one at that...
Does it auto-select from an image the the author is adding to the page, or does it auto-select from another image already on the page (from the template)?

@Rob Ellis  It just auto-selects from the header image (that I set in the template) despite the fact I have also set a custom thumbnail in the page details of the template.



In that case, it seems like the custom thumbnail value is ignored - which sounds like a bug, so best to raise a support ticket.

@Rob Ellis Thanks, that is what I thought.


Best way to go about raising a support ticket?