Page Details Property pane not showing metadata columns

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I have added 2 columns to my Site Pages library in a group enabled Team site, and they are not showing up in the Page Details pane so I can't assign the metadata to a page. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I have done some more research and I notice that the site columns are associated with the WikiPage, WebPart Page, and Repost Page, but not to the Site Page.


What would cause this to happen?

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Hi Dean,
Try to add the property to all the content types in the site pages document library.

Thanks for the suggestion but I can't do that, the option to add a column to the content type is not showing up. The site or pages library appears to be corrupted and I have no idea how to reset it.

@Dean GrossI have a similar problem. I add columns to the site page library, yet they don't show in the metadata/page properties (neither in the properties pane to the right side of the library, nor the page properties web part used on the page itself).

I have investigated this as well and I was able to enable content type selection for this library. I set Site Pages as default content type. However, when I add new columns from Library Settings, they still don't show Site Pages as a content type in the column "Used In", and I have no way to edit this. Attached is the screenshot.

Would creating a new site library from scratch be a possible workaround?

Thank you for your help!