Page Details Property pane not showing metadata columns

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I have added 2 columns to my Site Pages library in a group enabled Team site, and they are not showing up in the Page Details pane so I can't assign the metadata to a page. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I have done some more research and I notice that the site columns are associated with the WikiPage, WebPart Page, and Repost Page, but not to the Site Page.


What would cause this to happen?

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Hi Dean,
Try to add the property to all the content types in the site pages document library.

Thanks for the suggestion but I can't do that, the option to add a column to the content type is not showing up. The site or pages library appears to be corrupted and I have no idea how to reset it.

@Dean_GrossI have a similar problem. I add columns to the site page library, yet they don't show in the metadata/page properties (neither in the properties pane to the right side of the library, nor the page properties web part used on the page itself).

I have investigated this as well and I was able to enable content type selection for this library. I set Site Pages as default content type. However, when I add new columns from Library Settings, they still don't show Site Pages as a content type in the column "Used In", and I have no way to edit this. Attached is the screenshot.

Would creating a new site library from scratch be a possible workaround?

Thank you for your help! 

@Dean_Gross et al.
I recently had this problem too.  The solution I found was:

  1. Navigate to the Page Library
  2. Open the Library Settings (gear icon in top right of the page)
    1. If you are in modern view, you might need to click on the More Settings link to get to the Classic Admin view of the list/library settings
  3. In the middle of the Settings page there should be a Contents Type section.  Open each content type and add the column you want to show up in the Details pane

Hopefully that helps.

@EngineerTony Thank you - that was really helpful

@Dean_Gross  I just had exact same problem. My solution was to edit the column settings under Library Settings from multiple lines of text to single line of text and save out. Then the Description field appeared in the properties. I then went back to Library Settings, edited the column settings and changed it back to multiple lines of text and saved out again. Field now remains in the properties.