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I have created a Microsoft 365 group.

Right after that, I went to the Sharepoint Site of that group, and going into permissions, when I click on "GroupX owners" or "GroupX members" I see nobody listed.


Also, I added a guest into the group and does not show up in the "GroupX visitors"


So, I am a bit confused about this.


Could someone help on this? . 


Thanks in advance!

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Normally all the Owners will show on the owners and the members in the member's section... I would suggest checking the right top corner where it says members do you see a number of members for this newly create M365 group...

Also, have you created a Teams for this M365 if so you can find the Owners, Members/Guest to that M365 group inside teams... only will not be able to check and see for the site visitors... which is totally different and can be viewed inside Sharepoint Permission and click on Advance settings...