Own Verticals on Microsoft Search for SharePoint

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does exist a way how to configure new verticals connected to SharePoint? I would like to search only within Directives for example and set there own filters for this verticals. Currently I can set only couple of connectors but there is no connector for SharePoint itself. Have you an experience with configuration Search?




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To use Microsoft Search Verticals in SharePoint Online Search you need to go to Site Settings page and do the Setup of Microsoft Search at the site level. From there (And this might change) you can add your vertical using Search Connectors you have created in the Microsoft Search Administration

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thank you for your response. I have tried to do it on the site collection level also but I have met with an issue that I am not able to choose a content source. There is nothing to choose, any options. I have tried to create my own content source but without success. I am not sure if it is bug or I am doing something wrong. 







@Miroslav Novák  did you solve this issue, if so can you please share how.


@Brad Hayes Hi, I didnt. But I saw in videos from Ignite that it is not possible yet. It should be available at the end of this year. 

Recently, I spoke to Microsoft and still unable to connect to SPO content source or choose the content source. (No options)
Microsoft has replicated the issue on their end and has no solution.

By "SharePoint", do you mean SharePoint on-prem (2013/2016/2019)? If yes, there is an upcoming connector in preview that will allow ingesting items from SharePoint on-prem. You can sign up for the preview at the following link.


Regarding creating verticals at the site level, this can be done using the instructions on this document. Verticals tied to Graph connector content is supported as well.