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My sharepoint skills are dated, I think the last time I created a sharepoint site was nearly 10 years ago.  I've been with my company for nearly 5 yrs, and I'm migrating users, email and services from GSuite to Microsoft Office 365 platform.

Sharepoint looks a bit more mature, I see power automate and power apps are now available.  
Can someone guide me here on the general process to replicate one automated setup from GSuite to Sharepoint Platform. 

Currently in GSuite, we have delivery schedule form that our employees fill out to define scheduled  product delivery dates.   There are some required fields.  Once the form in completed the form data posts to a google sheet. 

We use a flow API called Automate.io , that product monitors the google sheet on a regular sync interval (15 mins), and it will add any new rows it sees in the google sheet, onto the calendar. 

That calendar is shared to specific people inside our org so they are aware of shipment dates.  Any schedule editing post form entry is done right on the calendar entry by someone with editing privileges.  

Some of you seasons sharepoint developers may be able to provide me some apps to look at or some advice on achieving the same.

I'd appreciate any feedback or comments you may offer.


Thank you



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@RothDavid a simple solution and keeping everything in Office 365 would be to use Microsoft Forms and a SharePoint list with one view being the list of items and another view being a calendar view. The form and list would be linked by a flow in Power Automate. An example is shown below.


Form in Microsoft Forms


When the user clicks the Submit button the flow creates the item in the list and it's therefore visible immediately both in the All items view and in the calendar view. Items could be edited from either view.


List with All Items and Checks (calendar) views
(I'm displaying this from Lists as it looks a bit better than the default SharePoint list views)




If necessary, the list can be exported to Excel from the Export link in the list header.





You could add more actions to the flow, for example to send an email each day to specific staff of the items for that day and/or a reminder of actions coming up the following day.


Come back with any questions or if you need more info about how to do something.


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Thank you for this overview. The key users who need access to the calendar are in our fabrication department, so they know what jobs to load on the trucks. On the shop floor, users will only have cell phones, mostly iphones.

Security groups would read only and those who have the ability to modify the calendar entries, change dates, etc..

Thanks for your advice here. I'll start playing with the form setup / flow to list.

David Roth

Once I have the users migrated with their own MS Office 365 account, Is this "calendar view" of the list, able to be shared out and added to users cell phone calendars?