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Hi all,


Wondering if anyone has any suggestions... No one seems to know why our Sharepoint site is misbehaving. Hopefully the image is clear... The issue is that there's links covering other links. Our organisation logo is is also not displaying. 


I've tried "editing" and "editing links" but the overlaid links disappear when the editing pane pops up.


Fairly new to Sharepoint, sorry if this is an obvious fix.



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@kschieck Is it O365 or one of On-Premise versions?


Either way, right click on the image and copy the url and past it in new tab, see if you're able to load the image, if not, it's clearly is a permissions issue. 

Coming to overlaid links, see if tree view is enabled under navigation elements of site settings page, if yes, uncheck it and reload the page. 



Thanks, that's super helpful!


It's O365


Turns out my I only have permission to contribute, not full control. I wrote to the administrator and asked them to un-check tree view.


You're right about the logo too. It leads to a separate Sharepoint page that I don't have access to.