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I've been researching (and running some experiments on) the integration between Sharepoint task lists and Outlook. I have some questions. 


1. I assigned a task to my colleague, David. I had him go through the Connect to Outlook steps. He is unable to mark the task as complete in either Outlook or directly in the task list. As soon as he marks it complete, it immediately recreates the task. I was able to successfully mark that same task complete on my computer. That makes me think it's a permissions issue. But since the task was assigned to David, shouldn't he be able to mark it complete as well? 


2. Can I change the default alert settings for a task list or does each person have to do it themselves? I want to set it so they only get notified when the task is assigned to them but not every time a task is edited.  


Thank you. 





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2. There is a setting on a task list in advanced under list / Task settings that does just this "Send e-mail on assignment".

As for using the sync, I wouldn't trust it with a 10 foot pole. I consider it legacy and basically broken, as is calendar sync with event lists. You don't Mac or web support either. Your best bet for Task Sharing and management is to check into Planner plans, or Microsoft To-Do options.

The task lists work too, but again they haven't received modern UI overhauls yet but SharePoint lists themselves are fine. Long as you stay away from sync it should be ok.