Out of box list filter not working for people and group column in SharePoint online in Modern view

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I am using the SharePoint Out-of-box list view web part on Sharepoint Modern Page,


Whenever I filter for people and group columns If any row has an empty value for that column. Filter panel not opening for that column.


Please find the below screenshot for reference.







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@DJoshi2302 Seems to be issue in people picker column filter. 

Try below.


Edit the view > go to filter section . > Apply filter as column name = empty

Go to view and see filter by column . Now it will show Empty > Now try to search with any valid name and apply. 


Now remove the filter by edit view. 

From now on the filter should show empty .

Or try clear cache once if above trick not works.




That does not work. Anyone have a solution to this that does not require a PowerApp solution? Something directly on the list itself to filter people fields that are empty? Very frustrating Microsoft!!