Orphaned teams folders can't delete or move even after retention period.

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I've got an issue with leftover teams folders when the channel has been removed. We have removed some old team's channels and the folders are left and there is no option to delete or move. I thought this might be down to the retention period of the team channel and after this, it would allow us to move it or delete it, after reading some info here - Unable to delete a folder "abandoned" after channel deletion - Microsoft Community .


I've now checked the team and there are no channels sitting in the deleted channels sections these were removed well over 90 days ago and I still cannot remove these folders.


The steps in the link above to create a folder at the root and move the orphaned folder into it then delete the overall folder, no longer works there is no option to delete no option to move. Is there any guidance on how to get rid of these old folders?


We have an archiver that runs periodically and it keeps erroring as it can't remove these folders it's causing some real headaches. 

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