Original date documents after copy from other library




i copied documents from one library of a sharepoint site to another library in another site.


Now i see that the date of the documents (changed) have changed to the date when i copied the documents.


Is the original creation date still available, and can i sort the documents by the original date?


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@Henk Prins Even though you are copying the same document from another library. The new copy document one is still be considered as new created "document" in that library. So you would need not only copy the document it self, instead you will need also to copy from source "Created On" to destination with additional field for example "Original Date". There are many ways to achieve this, you can use SharePoint workflow, 3rd party workflow, or even custom code.



Hi, thanks for responding. For know this is all i needed to know.



@Henk Prins Just to be clear and so that you are aware, instead of copying documents from one library to another you can also move them. Moving files between libraries will keep all the original metadata (eg. created by, created date, etc...) . Of course, this way you will not keep a copy in the original document library. If you do need a copy of the files, then yes, each copy will be considered a new document, like @Ade_Budiman_Lim said.