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So I found this has been "launched" according to the Roadmap

organizationalnews.PNGIs anyone seeing this features in their tenants? 

Any documentation on this?

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Yes see it in ours..... If it is News web part, then the options are now This site/Select Sites/Recommended for current user. Also there are new layouts i have not seen before.
Thanks, it's a misconception on my part.
Because they prefix this with "organizational news" I was under the impression it was already possible to indicate a site collection as "source" for "organizational" news

thank you for checking!
Yep, Organizational news means news coming from different sites not to define a central location where you publish news
They are going to introduce a feature however to flag a news source as organizational news. News from that source will get extra visual indications
Hi Denis, The specific feature around Organisational News, flagging a news source as authoritative, is still forthcoming. Quite a few updates to existing web parts last week. I expect for Targeted Release at least we’ll see the introduction you need this or next month.

I have not seen this feature appear but I also do not know where to look as no documentation seems to have been prepared.


The only thing I keep seeing in the articles is 'Deem specific sites as “organizational news sources” 'but where to do that? I assume somewhere in the new SharePoint Admin center but not sure if this would be a specific section or just an option in the site collection settings?

Agree, this item from the Roadmap is confusing. Selecting specific Sources/sites from thew News Webpart was already possible for a while (at least in first release)

I think your assumption is correct.

Deem the site as a organisation news source in the new SharePoint Admin portal, however on my tenant this isn't available yet. I guess it's not released yet 


Roadmap now says this is launched, but still no options to deem specific sites as main news sites.

Microsoft has clarified to me that the roadmap for SharePoint is not up to date and has referred this to the right owner to correct.

Yes, I see the feature in one of my dev tenancy. I am happy to see now you can filter news from the current site based on page properties yay !!  I am not sure what 'Recommended for current user' does. Any thoughts?