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Hiya. SharePoint newbie here. I'm part of a public Team with public and private channels. I use SharePoint online to access files. I have so many tabs open that I end up opening the same folder in multiple tabs because I can't find the one I want. I'm drowning in tabs. I'm looking for an easy way to get to the folder I want quickly. I have synced with File Explorer but it is giving me hassle by not syncing new subfolders so this isn't quick and easy. I don't want a bunch of shortcuts in OneDrive because it's its own mess. I thought I found an answer in SharePoint home but it isn't showing me all of my followed folders. All of the folders are private channels but not all the private channels show up. And none of the public channels. Anyone have a neat way to Kondo SharePoint? Thanks in advance.


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The best way to view the files to which you have access is from OneDrive online. You can use shortcuts to folders and organize them for your personal use. OneDrive shows you all the files to which you have access - your personal and your shared files.