Organisation Chart in O365/ SharePoint


We're currently looking at having an organisational chart for our company, which display the structure of teams etc. and individual staff info.


Ideally we want this to be accessible via our SharePoint intranet, either as a link or embedded frame.


Does anyone know of an 'out of the box' solution for this? I know there is the O365 People app, which is basically pulling from AD/ the address book, however it doesn't show a chart when you click on an individual. 


So if there is an O365 solution that would be good, or if anyone knows a 3rd party software that does the job that would also be good to know.


Any help would be much appreciated!


Michael Butterfield

Rugby Borough Council

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The ‘out of the box’ options for organisation structure is available throughout Office 365. People Cards leverage Active Directory and personal information provided by users in their profiles. Microsoft Teams also leverages this and displays this in an Organisation Structure style. Delve has been the entry point into people and relationships in Office 365 but this has been left for some time without significant updates. Microsoft is also now investing in LinkedIn integration to further support finding people but also their skills and wider profile. SharePoint exposes people information throughout the modern UX. There are many out of the box choices! The key is creating relationships within Azure Active Directory and maintaining them. There are third party tools to make managing AAD simpler but it’s not difficult within the Microsoft interface. If you need specific third party tools a search will provide some quality options perhaps @Jeremy Thake might guide you here :) I believe there is there are many options within Office 365 which will meet your needs out of the box, be dynamic and grow and improve over time. Hope this helps! John
On an individual user's Delve page it does show who they report to and who reports to them. Our biggest struggle is keeping this information up to date.
Look into Hyperfish. It solves that problem of keeping up to date :).

We are also looking for the same thing. The rich people cards integrated throughout O365 is fantastic to be sure, but new people in the business are also interested in simply browsing an entire chart from the top-down before needing to search for a particular individual. Effectively what we'd love to see is a web part or section in Sharepoint, or even an O365 app, which lands the user in an engaging, clickable, searchable org chart. Currently we need to link off to an ageing 3rd party application to satisfy this need. The bones are there, we just want to be able to link someone to it!

If you by chance have Teams deployed, the Who App has an org chart tab that does this.

Not fully deployed as yet unfortunately, and likely a long road ahead before we will see our people using the application since we've only recently deployed Skype for Business. Something similar available within Sharepoint (or a web view we could link to) would be a very welcome feature for our workforce who go to the intranet every day and expect tools like this to be available there.

If you add an app on a page, and go to the SharePoint store, there are actually a few org chart solutions available. No idea how much etc. but worth a shot for a now solution.

Most of the apps on the SharePoint store aren't supported anymore - certainly not by SharePoint Online!



Taking the time to get manager data into your AD is well worth the effort for all the out of box features that light up in Delve, Who Bot, Bing for Business, etc.

The manager delegate option in OneDrive for Business is also a life saver.
Can you direct me on how to find the "Who App"? I have searched the Store while in Teams Desktop client and it is not found.

Verify that you "Allow external apps in Microsoft Teams" checked under your O365 Tenant Admin Portal.  If that is not enabled, you will not be able to find 3rd party apps. 

If your apps are on, I'm wondering if this setting makes the who bot available or not as well since it's related to org chart. 



But I believe Who is a Microsoft app. And I do not allow third party apps yet. Due to our business I need to review the data sharing policies of every one before I can turn that switch on. Needless to say I doubt I will ever flip the switch for third party apps.

It is published by Microsoft, yes. and from a security and privacy concern, I would have to agree with you Forest. I think Microsoft should add another option to allow Microsoft Apps or they should at least be available without the external apps turned on.  That of course would be a uservoice request (typical MS response these days).   I think they should have it where we as admins can select apps that we approve. I don't want to blinding enable an option that users can turn on any 3rd party application.   Handle this like say the Corporate Microsoft App Store. Admins should be able to enabled apps we approve for users, that they can turn on if desired.  

@Jeff Harlow I found this link after searching a multitude of promotional fluff.
Some very interesting points in there and I wonder if some of the users in the "Anyone can create Teams" camp is aware or even cares about the implications of these Bots, Connectors, and such.
All of those switches are enabled and Who is not shown. I even tried the /Who in the Search or command box at top of the Team to see if it would engage. Nothing. But I have finally found some documentation for where it should appear and how to use it once I do figure out how to find it.
I know it is unlikely, but if MS could allow enabling individual Apps/Bots etc. from the Global Admin level after data / Privacy has been reviewed it would be better. Imagine what is going to happen when a breach occurs and it leads back to someone enabling one of these Features.

Hmm... I can see some issues here for sure, especially with Bots. Malware for example, I am curious if MS is activity checking this stuff through the typical O365 ATP solutions.  


I also noticed in a different article ( that admins can manually control the apps … (If you want to control which apps are available, turn this switch off. ) How and where is these settings, I wonder? 



Are you able to search for the app through the web interface? Any difference results?  Can you search for other applications; say JIRA Cloud?