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Hi, everyone.

I am working on a city's intranet site in SharePoint O365 that posts the same news and events that get regularly updated on external facing website (also SharePoint O365). Rather than duplicate efforts, we would like to have an RSS feed for the news and events. However, the RSS feed web part is only available in classic SharePoint and so is the page viewer web part. 

What options are available to me if I want to add news and events from one SharePoint site to another SharePoint site? I found an interesting article on how to create my own embed code, but that seems like a lot of work. Surely there has to be an OOTB solution in O365? Sway didn't offer me much. I was hoping I could do something clever like add the page to a Sway, then add the Sway to my SharePoint site, but nope.

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@Hapchetsut switch one of the sites to a Hub site, possibly the intranet site, then associate the public-facing site with it and that way any news you publish on the public site can also be displayed automatically on the intranet and vice versa. Our intranet has many associated sites (none are external though) all of which publish news which flows up to the main intranet homepage news web part so we don't duplicate work.


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