Opening SharePoint Online Document Library in One Drive Online ("Explorer View")

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In the on-premises SharePoint versions, users could open a document library (Explorer-like file system) in an Explorer application either using the ribbon control (if one was using Internet Explorer browsers) or paste the doc lib URL endpoint into an Explorer window address bar, if I recall correctly


Someone asked me how it's done in SharePoint Online and I got stuck (I'm supposed to be the subject matter expert on SharePoint :flushed:). They can't Sync the library to a local drive because of security settings, it appears (note I am not site collection admin!). What they could or ought to be able to do is to see the Explorer view of the doc lib within the One Drive system, I would think, by syncing it to a location/folder.

After trying many things, I have not had any success. So how does one achieve this? In particular, I would like to have an Explorer-like view in One Drive so that hidden folders (like Forms) is viewable along with its ASPX view-defining files within.

Has anyone figured it out?

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Hi @StevePenner  - If you are using Internet Explorer, then you'll see a "View in File Explorer" option in the views menu on a library:



This requires Internet Explorer and only works on Windows (no Mac/Linux/Chromebook).  Note that IE 11 support for SharePoint Online ends on August 17, 2021.


Explorer view was essentially replaced with file sync in the last few years and Microsoft has been slowly removing/reducing it.  I understand the security concerns, but maybe your IT security administrators can look into new features that help secure file sync (domain restriction was the one that allowed my former company to deploy it).

Here's a support article with Microsoft's recommendations that you should check out too: View and open SharePoint files with File Explorer - SharePoint (

@StevePenner 我有同样的需求,测试以后在Internet Explorer浏览器中将sharepoint站点添加到受信任站点,捕获.PNG,然后自定义级别,用户身份验证:自动使用当前用户和密码(谨慎选择,非安全情况不建议)11111111111111111111.PNG,添加网络驱动器,输入sharepoint站点地址,关机重启以后会出现访问不了的情况,需要在浏览器中访问一次SharePoint,网络驱动器中可以访问,11111111111111111111.PNG