Opening Sharepoint files in I-frame using WOPI

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Hello All, 

We are integrating office online with our application to open Microsoft files. We are using a WOPI protocol for it. 
These are files hosted on SharePoint.
For Share point files to open them with office online through our application(in an I-frame), we have to perform the following steps -
1.the control comes to WOPI getFileInformationCall
2.we need to hit the Microsoft graph API to download the file
3. we read the file and return the file information from rest call.

This all steps take time and little fragile. So does anyone knows if there is some way to redirect WOPI rest calls to get SharePoint files? Or is there another way to optimize these steps? Or am I doing it all wrong and there is any better way to achieve(opening SharePoint files in I-frame) the same?


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Hi, did you evolved in this case?


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