Opening .msg files from sharepoint natively in Outlook

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I am wondering if there is a method of opening .msg files in a similar manner to .xls and .docx, where you can open them natively. The current way sharepoint opens .msg files does not allow access to the attachments in the emails, nor can the message be forwarded unless explicitly downloaded. 


Classic sharepoint immediately downloads the file, so it does not mitigate the issue experienced here.


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@Vallatt This is not possible using SharePoint out of the box capabilities. SharePoint can only show the email contents in the browser but the attachments cannot be opened from browser.


You may need to use 3rd part applications for this. Check below thread for more information: Opening .msg files from sharepoint natively in Outlook 

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That is a shame, as that would have been a valuable feature for us.

Can you provide suggestions regarding trusted 3rd party apps that can provide functionality close to this?


Collab365 provides a list with Email Management tools for SharePoint (link). The key players are listed here.
Most of the tools listed are so-called Outlook add-ins or need installation on the client computers. Some of the tools are SharePoint apps and are browser-based (example). 

Changing the default behaviour when clicking an msg is not possible AFAIK. You can use GPO's to configure the end-user browsers (Chrome/Edge) to directly open the msg files from your specific SharePoint tenant when they choose the download option. This obviously only works if you control the end-users computer environment.

There are SharePoint apps (see list above) that can be used to display attachments (pdf, jpg, ... but also docx, xlsx, ppts, ...) directly in the browser. This also works with emails containing an msg attachment which contains additional attachments.
Trusted: some apps require the emails to be transferred to a separate system. This may violate your company's security policy. You may also have to include this as a requirement.