Opening Files in Browser / App Problems

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I work for a transport company and a customer of ours has a Sharepoint site where we update information in Excel files.  


On the Sharepoint site, I have the option of opening the files in the browser or in the Excel app.  However, my colleague only has the option of opening them in the browser.  We need to use the app because it is easier and quicker to do the task.


On our internal Sharepoint sites, my colleague can open Excel files in the app; it is just the customer's site where he has this problem.  


The customer has tried revoking/re-granting access and this has not resolved the issue.  Nor has using different browsers (Chrome/Edge).  Customer's IT department believes the problem is for us to resolve, our IT department think's it is for them.  


I was given access a long time before my colleague.  We both run Windows 10. 


Does anyone have any suggestions for resolving this?  

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