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I am willing to start a big documentation process in my organization.

In order to do so I need to create a big amount of folders, that will help me organize the documents.

Since I need to open a certain "template" of folders within folders, and to do so for many different teams, I wonder how can I do it?
For example:

To click on a button of a new folder and the folder will contain:
New Folder> Stratetgy Team> Contacts, Reviews, Manuals



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The closest thing out of the box that I think may help is something called Document Sets.  These are a specialised type of folder that (as the name suggests) allowed you to define some template documents within them that, upon creation, will be created anew for you to use. 


The one caveat however is that I don't believe you can include the folder content type within a Document Set.  You may be able to get around this limitation by using a flat structure with metadata an custom views.  Or perhaps a Power Automate workflow.


There are some very informed users that work in these forums so keep an eye on this thread as they may post something that I've not considered.

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@Steven Andrews 

For some reason I don't find the option to create Document Set, and Microsoft's manuals seems to be outdated


Are you familiar with content types?  If so, activate them in the list advanced settings and then add the Document Set to the list content types.  You should be able to mess around with them there.  They'll be in the New menu.

@Steven Andrews 

For some reason I do not see the document set as part of the options in the advanced settings. I also can't add a photo of the screen because I'm working in an organization that doesn't permit it. I only found manuals about this option in former versions of sharepoint