'OpenApiConnection' is not valid

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Hi everyone, 


I am new to power automate, l am trying to migrate data from a SQL table to a SharePoint list using power automate, one of the fields keeps throwing an openApiconnection error. it is a lookup field in SharePoint however in Microsoft flow it's expecting a lookup ID of the field. how do l go round solving it, please.....


The 'inputs.parameters' of workflow operation 'Create_item' of type 'OpenApiConnection' is not valid. Error details: Input parameter 'item/Project/Id' is required to be of type 'Integer/int64'. The runtime value '"743: Carefirst replacement / Eclipse - Phase 1: Adults"' to be converted doesn't have the expected format 'Integer/int64'.

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I know this is late in the game. But it sounds like you passed a value ['"743: Carefirst replacement / Eclipse - Phase 1: Adults"' ] which is a string, and is not of the proper datatype for your Integer input parameter. It looks like 743 is the ID of your record and is all you need to get pass to the flow.

Good luck!