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How to enable all links available for tiles in a Quick Link web-part on a SharePoint Online page to open in a separate window, rather on the same tab or different tab. By default SharePoint links opens up on the same page and and any external links opens up in a different tab.

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This is currently the default behavior of the Modern Quick Links WebPart in SharePoint Pages.
You may check the below posts in UserVoice and Up Vote -

One of the alternative option is to build Custom SPFx WebPart as per your requirement.

Hope this helps.

@Swaminathan Sriram Thank you for your response. Is there any other ways to embed 

 Script tags in an embed webpart rather embedding it as an iframe-based.

Hi @Vaibhavv,

Modern Embed WebPart doesn't allow you to embed script tags in it.

You could use native browser feature to right click the links and Open in New Window, if that is okay, otherwise, please refer to the below SPFx webpart samples which will help you to get started. The below samples has the option to configure the links target to new tab but for opening the links in new window, you would have to further extend these samples -


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Hi @Swaminathan Sriram , Appreciate your support. My apology but could you please help me to understand how can i use those samples in my tenant as I am not from the core development background. Thanks.

@Vaibhavv  you won't be able to use SPFx unless you are a tenant admin, a source of huge frustration to me as I manage an intranet for 65000 people but access to SPFx is blocked by our IT operations.


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