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I encounter a slight inconvenience on excel when I use the "Open with application" option from SharePoint. For every excel files I open, i will face the same issue : the message "Use connected experiences". 


When I click "ok", Excel is relaunched and then open my file


Even if i did activated the connected experiences before, excel doesn't care :



When I reboot and open Excel but no files, I have this message "We can't display online services"


I do believe this is linked. But can't found how. 

When i click on "try again", Excel connects and now can open my sharepoint documents. 


How can I open my Excel document without having to relaunched the application ?

How can we make understand my Excel Apps that i'm connected to my online services without having to click on "try again" ? 


I am connected to my office365 account on my Excel Application. 

I did checked my regedit, and everything is ok : connect to internet and sign in options are enabled.


I thank you in advance in advance for all the leads you can bring me. 




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Hi @m-emeraud , good afternoon. 


One thing you can try is login with your Office 365 account into the Office Apps. I can see in your screenshot that you don't have any service connected. 


If you are already connected, I should delete the current office credential from your Credential manager and login back again. 


Also, you should check what license you have and if you can run Office Desktp Apps with it. 

I hope this can help!!

Good luck!

Hi @Pablomcse , thanks for your support ! 

I am indeed connected to my office365 account on my Excel Application. 


I 'm going to try deleting my credentials, thanks for the advice ! 


I use a E1 licence -> all my collegues can use "Open with apps", I can too, except I have this message that appears all the first time i open Excel after a relaunch



Hi @m-emeraud , thanks for that. 


Just a reminder, Office E1 support Office Web App only. Maybe the problem is there. 


More info about what it is included on E1 here:


Good luck

Hi !

I deleted all my credentials but i didn't work better. 

All my collegues do can open in apps, i don't why i doesn't work for me 


Thanks for your help


Hi @m-emeraud , good morning. 


I don´t know how your collegues have Office Apps configured. Maybe they have it licensed already or they are in a trial period, but again, with E1, you can only open Email and Office Apps from the Web browser. 


Here you have more info about E1 licenses: Office 365 E1 | Microsoft

If you want to open excel files from Office Excel Desktop APP, you should change your license. 


Please, now, if you have more queries about this or more clarifications, I recommend you open a ticket from your Office Admin portal - CSP. I am sure that someone from Microsoft Office Team can clarify you better, what you can or can´t do with E1. 


I hope this can help. 


Nice day and good luck!